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Will Gift Someone To Finish My Masterlist

I will gift someone a fic (TVD any ship over 1000 words) if they could do my master fic list for TVD. Most of the time LJ messed up when I write/work on long post so it would be great if someone cold send me my master list (all tvd fics are on this journal) and send it to me in HTML so i can post it :)


You can find my Charmed, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Stargate: Atlantis, Heroes,and The O.C. works at FFN granted they arent all too great but some are better than the others.

The Vampire Diaries Master List (WIP since LJ is messing up atm)

Eventually all my TVD fics will be posted at AO3

harry potter next gen fic

Title: Christmas With A Weasley
Author/Artist: bambiscott
Prompt Number: #123 She hates family reunions--the noise, the baby cousins messing everything up, and most of all, Grandmum's sweaters.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/characters: Molly Weasley II/OMC, Molly Weasley II, mentions of whole Weasley clan
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *Hufflepuff Bashing, Language*
Medium or word count: 1,825
Summary: The overly loud family that consists of way too many people— after all she sees half of them at school. Her uncles all drunk on Firewhiskey, her aunts bickering and nit pitting about Merlin knows what and Granddad Arthur trying to figure out whatever Muggle device Hugo got him this year. Oh and the bloody itching sweater that Molly has to wear is just a plus.
Notes: This is my first ever HP fic.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. All works posted at this community were created entirely for fun without making any profit. No copyright infringement is intended.

Grandmum’s sweaters make her itch.

Molly Weasley—the second sat on the Burrow’s couch watching products from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes being thrown at unsuspecting relatives, small dragon toys hurled fire around the room and over in the corner Lucy and Hugo fighting—more like rolling around the floor as chess pieces smash each other- all because Lucy has just beaten Hugo at Wizards Chess.

“Oiy! Clear off you two. And oh don’t just think because you were on the side lines that doesn’t apply to you Lily Luna.”

Molly’s the second oldest, Gryffindor Prefect and now Head Girl so someone in this family should respect her. It’s not like anyone else in the family will reprimand them after all those three are only first years.

This is why she hates Christmas.

The overly loud family that consists of way too many people— after all she sees half of them at school. Her uncles all drunk on Firewhiskey, her aunts bickering and nit pitting about Merlin knows what and Granddad Arthur trying to figure out whatever Muggle device Hugo got him this year.

Her sweater is really itching now but Molly knows if she takes it off it will break her Grandmum’s heart. Though this year she has images of double-decker busses on hers for Merlin knows why. Maybe if she finds a long sleeve shirt to put under it than the itching might stop.

So she heads up to Aunt Ginny’s old room but when she opens the door she knows better to step inside.

“He’s not my boyfriend!”

She slams the door on Dominique and Roxanne who looked like Witch Weekly exploded all over the bed. Usually Molly is very close with Dom and Roxy but the sixth and fifth year Gryffindors are very hurt that good old Molls didn’t tell them about her boyfriend Alfie McLaggen though Molly has told both of them countless times that he isn’t her boyfriend neither Dom nor Roxy believe her.

Bloody Hufflepuffs.

Molly has found some treacle tart to fill the void of companionship. Though there is always Teddy and Victoire who are sitting on the couch as well. There has always been Teddy and Vic, the lovable Hufflepuff and the feisty Ravenclaw, to sooth Molly’s ease.

“How’s being an Auror Ted? Vic how’s training at St. Mungo’s going?”

Ted and Vic were off snogging like anyone else would even notice in the chaos around them.

“Me? Oh so kind of you to ask. It’s been another year without either of you at Hogwarts so everyone is coming to me for advice or comfort. Blooding annoying with N.E.W.T.S coming up. And I’ll be on the Wizengamot by spring.”

Teddy and Vic were always the two to leave her out. She was only two years younger than Vic but she could never compete for their friendship.

Teddy broke away from Vic, “Did you say something Molls?”

Molly glared and screamed walking away from the two making a mental note to make a scene at Teddy and Vic’s wedding this spring.

On her search for Uncle Charlie, mainly to ask him if this was why he lived so far away, Molly spotted James, Freddie and Louis planning a Quidditch match in the snow; she doesn’t even ask. She catches them a lot at Hogwarts so this will be their Christmas present, one free mischievous thing they could get away with. But as soon as those feet hit the Hogwarts Express they were hers.

Let’s face it every Weasley, besides from Vic and Al, are bouncing around the Gryffindor house maybe that’s why Molly can never seem to get any work done. She now wonders where Albus and Rose seem to sneak away to and hopes she can join them.

As much as she complained about her family she did love them.

She wishes that she did invite her friend Gemma, a Gryffindor girl who still hadn’t figured out why she was placed in that house; to the Burrow at least then she could talk to someone. Besides being head girl and a member of a famous family Molly has friends—she’s not some loner as it might seem. Her friends consist of some witty Ravenclaws, loud boastful Gryffindors, one Slytherin overachiever and a couple Hufflepuffs not counting Alfie as he wasn’t considered her friend even in his misguided mind.

But it was Christmas day and that was spent with family and a bloody itching sweater.

The vibrant red color of the buses does nothing to match her hair though she is sure that Grandmum had the best of intentions. Before Molly can search for Albus and Rose, who she now knows were hiding in Uncle Ron’s old room, it’s time for the family picture.

Molly heads over to her mother who is busy fixing her father’s tie as he readjusts his glasses. She loves her parents but sometimes they are too much. Her father spends most of his time at the Ministry and when he isn’t there he spends it arguing with his family.

She knows that her father left his family when the war happened but they all have forgiven him, after all Aunt Ginny, the one who took the longest to come around, lets Lucy come over as often as she’d like. If only her father could see that his family did forgive him fully.

Her mother, Audrey, rubs her arm making the sweater itch even more. Molly doesn’t know how her mother does it. Being someone who cannot do magic while everyone else in her family can seems exhausting.

After the picture is taken a couple of times as Lucy and Hugo were still fighting Molly makes her way sitting by the tree as she watches her grandparents. Her Granddad is still trying to figure out the juicer, a Muggle device she had seen before at her other grandparents’ house as her Grandmum gives her a look.

“My Molly all grown up. Last year at Hogwarts and Head Girl you make a Weasley proud.”

Molly gets up and gives her Grandmum a kiss and does the same to her Granddad who is too indulged with his present to know which grandchild it was. She never thought she was a Weasley to live up to as she wasn’t perfect Victoire the first grandchild she was only Molly the second. At that moment she felt proud to be here with her family though she wished that they would be leaving soon so she could take the bloody sweater off.

After getting some Butterbeer she saw Lucy and Lily sitting on the steps pouting. Thinking that Lucy’s fight with Hugo damaged the three’s friendship Molly went to interfere.

“What’s with you two?”

“We don’t want to go back” her baby sister replied, “to Hogwarts.”

“We’d liked it when it was just the three of us here at home.” Lily Luna added.

“I know what you mean.” Molly stated remembering all the times she’d wished that many of her cousins had not entered Hogwarts with Teddy, Vic and herself. “But… it will get better and you’ll always be the babies.”

Her answer seemed to relieve the two who then ran off to go find Hugo.

“Not badly done Molls.” Victoire took a seat next to Molly on the stairs. “I’m glad that our cousins fell into good hands.” Indicating that Molly had done something right in Victoire’s two year absence from Hogwarts.

Before Molly can ask what happen to her cousin—she thinks it might be the firewhisky Vic kisses her forehead and runs off to find Teddy leaving Molly alone on the steps. Finally the silence she has been looking for all night seems to come but as soon as she closes her eyes for a second she hears a voice, Hugo’s.

“Molly some guy is at the door for you.”

She looks up glaring at the boy who leads her to the Burrow’s front door. It couldn’t have been anyone but him.


“Uh hi.”

Alfie McLaggen, 7th year Hufflepuff was a handsome fellow short spiked blonde hair and green eyes anyone could melt into, of course anyone but Molly. Instead of inviting him inside Molly pushes him backwards so they are both now out in the cold.

“You can’t just show up anytime you’d like.” Molly states as she starts punching his chest.

“Ouch! Quit hurting me…you’re always doing that.” Alfie snaps back at Molly—something he’s never done before. “You’re the one who invited me.”

Before Molly can think back to when she invited him—it must have been when she was leaving the train she hears muffles of laughter coming their way. James, Freddie and Louis all banged up from their night time Quidditch match walk past them headed inside not before whistling and yelling such things as ‘Go Get Him Molls’ or ‘Way to tarnish the Gryffindor Quidditch team’ as they head back into the burrow. She remembers that Alfie is a beater for Hufflepuff but she hates Quidditch so tarnishing anything doesn’t really bother her.

Before Molly can reply back to her cousins quips or the delusional mind of Alfie even though she indeed had invited him before leaving the train she hears Lucy call out.

“Molly’s boyfriend is here!”

Molly cringes as she sees her father standing by the doorway with Dom and Roxy snickering behind him. She couldn’t just make or let Alfie leave when her whole family now knew someone—not her boyfriend was here.

After all Weasley’s loved company.

And that’s what she got as soon as they stepped inside. Her father shook Alfie’s hand ready to question him but her Grandmum had shooed Percy away and led Alfie to the couch.

“Molly dear go make this young man a plate.”

She smiled hoping no one would ask how long they had been dating because she would spat out ever since Lucy declared it to everyone. Because there is no way she had been dating him while at Hogwarts or had she?

Molly returned with the plate full of sweets—she had seen the boy eat not that she was staring at him at meal times but the boy in front of her was definitely a surprise. Alfie McLaggen had an ugly Christmas sweater on too but his was full of birds.

He looks to his sweater than to Molly’s. “My mum gets way too much into Christmas.”

Molly sits down next to Alfie her face flushed, her chest beating like an uncontrollable hippogriff.

So maybe Alfie McLaggen was her friend and maybe she did invite him to the Burrow.

And maybe just maybe Molly Weasley had a boyfriend—who was a bloody twat.

Molly Weasley the second still hated Christmas with the overly loud family and a blood itching sweater.

Though the one bloody itching sweater with the double-decker buses just might have changed her life.

And for that she was grateful.
Title: Five Times Jeremy Gilbert Got the Girl & the One Time He Didn’t

Summary: same as the title. Vicki, Anna, Katherine, April, Hayley, and Bonnie. Some AU/AR

1. Vicki
Read more...Collapse )

Being Humane (TVD)

Title: Being Humane
Author: bambiscott
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, Forwood, Bonnie/Jeremy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 626
Summary: What do you get when a witch, vampire and vampire hunter live together? Prompt: Based on the show Being Human

Read more...Collapse )

The Salvatore's (1/?)

Title:The Salvatore’s
Author: BambiScott
Rating: R
Pairings: Jenna/Mason, Katherine/Damon, Katherine/Stefan, Stefan/Elena, Tyler/Caroline, Jeremy/Vicki, Jeremy/Bonnie, Damon/Rose, Katherine/Alaric
Word Count: 1,218 (part 1)
Disclaimer: Own nothing at all.
Summary: The Salvatore family has its up’s and down’s. Be it from sibling rivalry to mistaken identifies nothing seems to go right for this family.

No one in the family has heard anything from him but when he returns will it be a home coming?Collapse )

Charrie Bingo 2 (3 TVD fics)

Character Bingo 1

Title: Not A Dad
Author: BambiScott
Team: Vampires/Witches
Rating: R
Pairing: Ric. Elena, Jeremy, & Jenna
Word Count: 736
Summary: No he would never be a father let alone a paternal figure.

(spoilers up till 3.03) Companion piece to All I Have

Not A DadCollapse )

Character Bingo 2
Title: All I Have
Author: BambiScott
Team: Vampires/Witches
Rating: PG
Pairing: Elena, Ric, & Jeremy
Word Count: 615
Summary: She has lost everyone.

(spoilers up till 3.03) Companion piece to Not A Dad

All I HaveCollapse )

Character Bingo 3
Title: Until The Day We Die
Author: BambiScott
Team: Vampires/Witches
Rating: PG
Pairing: Lucy, Bonnie, Gloria
Word Count: 383
Summary: She didn’t expect to see Bonnie at her door. (spoilers up till 3.03)

Until The Day We DieCollapse )


So I worked on one character bingo for the tomb of challenge and its not due till the end of the month. I cant sleep and what sucks is that Im at the dorm with nothing on tv and all I have up here is OTH season 1 which im waiting to watch with my roommate.

I’ve been sick for about 2 weeks cold sinus crap and now when I should need the sleep Im getting about 4-5 hours and feel fine.

Problem I have nothing to do.

Search the net for what socks?

Facebook pisses me off cause the friends I do have say shit like BFF forever and forget my name in their grouping.

I read just about every Merlin/Morgana fic out there last night.

I don’t even want to try to write more TVD fics atm cause they would really suck now. My heads not in the right place for that.

It sucks.

Cell Phones and Photographs

Title: Cell Phones and Photographs
Author: bambiscott
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing/Characters: Tyler, Jules, Tyler/Caroline, Jules/Brady, Jules/Mason
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,099
Summary: She can’t understand why he checks his phone every five seconds because he can’t call her. He can’t understand why she looks at the photographs because it wont make him come back.
A/N: Based on Tyler’s adventures away from Mystic Falls. Scenes taken from The Last Day.

He’s only been gone two days from Mystic Falls and he has twenty-seven voicemails. Collapse )